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Adding and Subtracting Fractions: Same and Different Denominators

When calculating fractions, we often do addition and subtraction. When it comes to calculating fractions, addition and subtraction are the most difficult. They are more difficult than multiplication. The way of doing addition and subtraction of fractions is different from the common way. Also, the calculation method changes depending on whether the denominators are the […]

Simplifying Fractions and Finding Least Common Denominators

In calculating fractions, we often simplify fractions or find a common denominator. Even if you get an answer, it will not be correct if you do not simplify it. Also, you can’t add or subtract fractions without finding the common denominator. When calculating fractions, you need to understand the concept of simplifying fractions and common […]

Adding and Subtracting Decimals: How to Calculate in Math

In elementary school math, students learn how to calculate decimals, including numbers smaller than one. We use decimals frequently in our daily lives. First, let’s understand what decimals are. By learning how decimals work, we can understand when to use them. Also, we need to be able to add and subtract decimals. Addition and subtraction […]