Quadratic Equations: Square Root, Factorization, and Quadratic Formula

An area that must be learned in mathematics is quadratic equations. Compared to linear equations, quadratic equations are more complicated to calculate. In quadratic equations, there are multiple ways to get the answer. Square roots, factorization, and quadratic formulas are the most common ways to solve quadratic equations. When solving a quadratic equation, we must […]

Multiply and Divide Square Root: How to Do Prime Factorization

In the square root, we learn multiplication and division. In general, in mathematics, we learn addition and subtraction first. However, in the case of square roots, multiplication and division are easier. All you have to do is multiply the numbers in the root symbol. However, there are rules for multiplying square roots. And few people […]

Direct and Inverse Proportion: Coordinates and Equations in Graphs

An important concept in mathematics is direct proportion and inverse proportion. We frequently use the words direct proportion and inverse proportion in our daily lives. Direct proportion and inverse proportion are familiar to us and are concepts that everyone uses. The concept of direct proportion and inverse proportion is used in many situations. When studying […]

Expansion by Factoring Formulas and Polynomial Factorization

In mathematics, we learn algebraic expressions using the alphabet. We use symbols to perform calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Parentheses are often used in math calculations. When multiplying parentheses by parentheses, we use factoring formulas. Once you learn factoring formulas, you will also be able to factorize them. Factorization is the way […]